Behind the Scenes


Viewfinder Films creates films for companies, projects, products and people. We handle all aspects of corporate film from the smallest, most humble to the largest, most spectacular film project.

We collaborate with an established team of freelancers: People we have known for years, are reliable and inspire us with their work. This enables us to be flexible when it comes to client needs and budgets. That’s how we achieve maximal results at a minimal cost.

Erika Eichenberger is owner/operator of Viewfinder Films. She works as producer/writer and director for the films she makes. For 20 years she has been active professionally in the areas of communications, film and technology. These skills are enhanced by her love of art, literature and writing.


In 2010 she completed a Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Cultural Media Studies at the Zurich University of Art. Her master’s thesis carries the following title: „The Orchestration of Project Films and the Engineering of Consent“ .

CV/Resume Erika Eichenberger